Passion for Cocktails - #TheOliviaLounge

What makes the difference between normal and special?


Well, there are countless bars, restaurants and hotels all over the world. Everywhere you get spirits, liqueurs and mixed drinks.

But which moments do you like most to remember? To the special ones, right?

Mine and my team's ambition is to give you just those special moments.


My bar is the reflection of my passion for cocktails, their genesis and history. We serve drinks from the years 1825 (Old Fashioned), 1862 (Gin Julep) or 1948 (Pendennis Club Eggnog).

We are in a global cocktail renaissance. Unfortunately - so I think - we forget the original inventors.

I would like to face it with determination.


Through my travels around the world, I gain experience and inspiration. From my former mentor I learned the respect, the feeling and the understanding of the matter.

Behind every cocktail is a story, an idea or an intention. If you are my guest, I don't just want to serve you a perfectly balanced drink, I want you to understand why it tastes how it tastes. There should be no questions left open. Become part of "my" world, the world of Cocktalians! Cheers! Sven Oliver


Every week a special drink. Old school, new school or simply inspired by one of our tours across the world!


A small snack? Choose from our delicious pastry offer! Daily fresh! Chocolaty, fruity and so yummy! You will love it!

Luxury Fun

With us you receive the special enjoyment. We regularly offer limited editions from around the world.